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The Mission behind the music: 

If you are feeling overtaken with anxiety, depression, doubt or just the normal storms of life, the Overtaken album was recorded for you.  My hope is that you will incorporate this album into your everyday listening routine and be reminded that no matter what you are going through God has a plan for your life.  My prayer is that you will be overtaken with joy and peace as you listen.

- Cindy Gibbs


Cindy Gibbs understands life can be challenging and sometimes difficult. 
-If you need a prayer partner submit your prayer requests to:


Daily Scripture

Cindy Gibbs believes in spreading truth by encouraging others. One way to do this is to share what God has done for you. 
-If you would like to share your story and encourage others, submit your story to:
Cindy Gibbs would like to help you gain strength in your personal faith.
-If you would like to receive daily scripture sign up by emailing her.  Scripture is sent out every morning by text.
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