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Congratulations to Mya for her acceptance into Auburn University on a Music Scholarship. Her dedication to years of study on Piano and Saxophone has paid off.  

Advice to other students: Music is a discipline even when it is a hobby.  I've taken piano for 3 years now.  When I need motivation to practice its usually because there isn't enough variety in my practice routine.  If you've been practicing a lot then take a break, especially after an audition.  It seems counterintuitive but taking a break from practicing can be a good thing.  I usually take a break after I've prepared an audition or at the end of a concert season.  Rest assured, your hard work isn't going to waste.  Even if you're not the next Floyd Cramer, the time you spend practicing won't be wasted.

What She's Learned:  I've learned patience, gained inspiration, expression, esteem and the importance of hard work.  I've also seen first hand how hard work and dedication pays off and you will too.


Congratulations to Brianna for winning CCA IDOL and being recognized as TOP vocalist in her class!


Her dedication is paying off and now she's taking her music to new heights by actively engaging in community open mics and performing outside of school.  Way to go Brianna for your dedication to the music for over 3 years.


Thank you to each of the parents who encourage your child to keep going, even when they feel like quitting.  Your support matters!

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